「Tomorrow」for Parakeet debut single cover


この[Tomorrow]という曲のコンセプトは明日の事ばかり心配して、今を生きる事を忘れてしまう事を書かれています。この歌詞の中に一部日本語で ”今何てない、どうなってんの。プロセスとかどうでもいい。知りたいのは明日、結果だけ” という部分が有ります。
”明日の事ばかり心配して、今を生きる事を忘れてしまう事” それは、ともすれば、ネガテイブなのですが、表したイメージはいやいや、それは”今”を見失う位”今”を頑張っているんだぜとポジテイブに表しました。

This song's concept is " have forgotten that living now because of too worry about tomorrow " 
 We certainly want any wonderful future and any intelligible result , so Sometimes The tip of our eyes might not able to see today and now , But The body including the eyes and the foot are absolutely in now and walking here , I expressed " Tomorrow " is made by The accumulation of now from The debut single "Tomorrow".
" have forgotten that living now because of too worry about tomorrow "
I think It depend on person but it might to be negative meanings ,but I expressed to positive meanings to a person who has advancing hard for wonderful tomorrow to can not see now for The art work of "Tomorrow" .